In accordance with section 15-105, subdivision 3(b) and 4 of the Village Election Law and ON MOTION of Trustee Dawn Gotthardt, the following Resolution was unanimously adopted:

1. That the polling place of the Village Election, Tuesday March 21, 2023 shall be at the Village of Hancock Municipal Building, 85 East Front Street.

2. That the hours during which the polls shall be open are from noon until 9:00 PM.

3. That the names and addresses of those who have been duly nominated for Village Office and whose Certificate of Petition of Nomination has been duly filed with the Village Clerk, and the office and terms of such office for which they have been so nominated are as follows:

Gary M. Resti, Hancock, NY Hancock – Mayor – 2 years

Shaun Shannon, Hancock, NY Hancock – Trustee – 2 years

Shane Mielke, Hancock, NY Hancock – Trustee – 2 years

4. That the Village Clerk is directed to publish a copy of this Resolution in the official paper and post a copy of the Notice in at least six conspicuous public places within the Village at least one day before the Village Elections and such notice shall be posted at each polling place.

DATED: March 9, 2023
Phyllis Falsetta
Village Clerk-Treasurer


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