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General Information:

The Hancock Herald is published on-line each Wednesday. The site requires a password to enter. Yearly subscriptions are $26.00. From the "Entry Page" viewers will be allowed to read several sections of the paper without registration or a subscription fee. These sections are listed below under "Other Sections". E-PON's are digital coupons and are Hancock Herald Exclusives.


News Article Pages: No ads appear on these pages at this time.

Other sections where ads may appear include:

> Main Site Entry Page
> Leisure & Entertainment Section
> Real Estate Section
> Classified Section

> Motor Mart Section


Feel free to contact Sally Zegers, Jill Gorton or Louise Botsford if you have any questions:
Phone: 607-637-3591
Fax: 607-637-4383

Ad Information:

All ads or copy for ads are due on by 5 P.M. the Friday prior to publication date. Client prepared ads should be in JPG format to the specified ad size at a resolution of no more than 72 dpi and a file size not greater than 40 KB.  Ad copy may be emailed to:

GIF's and animated GIF's are acceptable as long as they meet the file size requirement. Any submitted ad in any format that exceeds the file size or physical dimension will be reduced or omitted accordingly. Each "Section" contains varied column widths. Please refer to this Rate Card for appropriate sizes.

The Hancock Herald reserves the right to refuse any ad or submission it deems unsuitable or contrary to the editorial policies of the Herald.


"Combination Rates". When an advertiser places an ad in the  Herald "paper" issue, as well as in the Herald "on-line" edition, a discounted rate may be available. Check with either Louise Botsford or Sally Zegers for details.

Display, Classified and E-PON rates are listed below and are available in PDF form.



Real Estate Section Ad Rates


Weekly (1x)  Monthly (4x)

130w x 425 pixels

$40.00 wk $112.00 mo.

130w x 350 pixels

$25.00 wk. $ 70.00 mo.

130w x 200 pixels

 $12.50 wk. $ 28.00 mo.


Leisure & Entertainment Section Ad Rates


Weekly (1x)  Monthly (4x)

180w x 350 pixels

$40.00 wk $112.00 mo.

180w x 175 pixels

$25.00 wk. $ 70.00 mo.

180w x 90 pixels

 $12.50 wk. $ 28.00 mo.


Classified Section Ad Rates

1) Up to 25 words - $4.50. (5 cents each additional word)
2) Picture maximum pixel dimensions 110 x 70 pixels - $2.00

Display Ad Rates


Weekly (1x)  Monthly (4x)

130w x 425 pixels

$40.00 wk

$112.00 mo.

130w x 350 pixels

$25.00 wk.

$ 70.00 mo.

130w x 200 pixels

 $12.50 wk.

$ 28.00 mo.


Main Site Entry Page Ad Rates
Sold only by long term monthly contract:

Monthly Rate Only

275w x 350 pixels $125.00 mo.
275w x 175 pixels $ 80.00 mo.

This space is intentionally blank.


E-PON (Digital Coupon) Ad Rates

Each digital coupon measures 4.25 x 2.75 inches. There are up to 8 individual E-PON's per 8.5 x 11 sheet. The E PON's are in PDF format and can be printed by a MAC or PC. There may be multiple E-PON's per publication.

Rate Per Each E-PON Digital Coupon

Each E-PON Weekly (1x)  Monthly (4x)


$15.00 $42.00


$25.00 $70.00


$30.00 $85.00


$45.00 $120.00

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