Mozilla has recently chosen to help you protect yourself despite any wishes by you to the contrary.
You've probably noticed the nag window that pops up when you sign in (Firefox v52. users only).
This cannot be overridden in "Security Exceptions". Mozilla makes this decision for you.
In short they want every web site on the internet that has a "sign in" page to be on a HTTPS server.

The assumption by Mozilla is some people use a "common" password for banking, and other sites like The Herald.
The password may be intercepted if not encrypted. However, we pick your password to insure this does not happen.

There are several solutions to removing the "nag" screen. You've probably figured them out by now on your own.
Just keep clicking in the box until you can type in the input fields, or hit the "Enter" key. Everything should function as normal.
But annoyingly so.

If you have Windows, it came with it's own browser, Internet Explorer or Edge. You may use either.
Simply launch either one and go to No nag screen.
The same holds true for Safari, and Chrome browsers. You can install any, or all, on the same machine without conflict.

Here are the links to install a new browser:


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this decision by Mozilla has caused you.

We will keep you appraised if the situation should change.